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Field Rental Information

Capelli Sport Center, a state-of-the-art Multi-Sport Complex in Carlstadt, NJ currenlty has 3 small sided turf fields available to rent.  What ever can be played on grass can be played at the indoor center. Soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, frisbee to mention a few sports that currently use the center.                          

Current Field Rental Rates:

Rates range from as little as $50/hour to $200/hour depending on a number of factors:

Field size needed (1/2 or full)

Dates and times requested

Number of dates requested

Please email us at

Discounts apply for bulk rentals/mulitple game rentals, special events.  Please email for further information or call 

Field #1 & #2 $200/hr  Field #3 $150/hr   GK/small training area $50/hr